Shiraz Urban Adventures

The Shiraz Urban Adventures team is led by Mostafa Farhadi,  a tour guide, English teacher, and manger of an NGO that supports talented students from underprivileged families. He and his team of local tour guides are excited to be a part of the Urban Adventures family.

Everyone who knows Mostafa says he is a person who cannot stay in one place, and travel is one of the necessities of his life! He’s been travelling since childhood, and his love of travel was the reason he became a tour guide in 2006. He knows Iran very well, and feels his people are his family. 

Mostafa has worked for Intrepid and Dragoman as a tour guide, and after all these years in the tourism industry, he has now found his own group of professional, local tour guides, and has built a strong team. He and his team work together to create new itineraries with experiences that can’t be found in any guidebook.

Mostafa and his team is looking forward to meeting you in Shiraz and helping you to make the best memories of your trip to Iran.